About Us

Cub Scout Pack 225 serves Kindergarten through 5th grade boys and girls in the Windermere Elementary School area in Windermere, Florida. At present, Pack 225 has a large number of Scouts organized into Tiger (1st grade), Wolf (2nd grade), Bear (3rd grade), and Webelos (4th & 5th grade) dens. The Chartered Organization for Pack 225 is New Covenant Church of the Brethren.


Our mission is to deliver to the children and their families in the Windermere area the Cub Scout Program developed by Scouts BSA. We will do our best to deliver the highest quality program possible. We will offer a high quality program to all boys and girls in grades K - 5. Our children will advance in rank each year, beginning with Lion and continuing through the Arrow of Light in fifth grade. We will encourage our boys and girls to continue the fun, adventure and development of Scouting by graduating into a Scouts BSA Troop.

We hope each of our Scouts will continue to advance in the Scouting program, not because of the badge of rank they will earn but because of what they will learn about themselves, their families, others, God and their country.


The primary values we seek to instill are contained in the Cub Scout Promise, Cub Scout Motto and the Law of the Pack. Our Scouts, families, adult leaders and volunteers work together to teach these values by:

  • · Influencing each Scout's character development and spiritual growth 
  • · Developing habits and attitudes of good citizenship 
  • · Encouraging good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body 
  • · Improving understanding and communication within the family 
  • · Strengthening skills in getting along with and respecting others 
  • · Fostering a sense of personal achievement by developing new interests and skills 
  • · Providing fun and exciting things to do 
  • · Showing each Scout how to "do your best" 
  • · Preparing each Cub Scout to become a Scout